two years ago

Orange and purple
Twisted with loving fingers
Sweet combination

A lost holiday
A lone day of remembrance
Still overshadowed

Gaudy and bulky
Slipped on my arm with a smile
Gifted with kindness

Some chocolate cake
Nestled in styrofoam box
Followed by pushups

Ironing clothing
Slightly domesticated
Look smart and fancy

Encased in plastic
Powders, creams, pencils and balms
Enhancing nature

Drowning in sunshine
Sneakers racing down asphalt
Bright bursts of color

Surrounded by light
The laughter, dancing, and love
Of youthful people

Tumultuous spill
Scenery scatters on page
Pouring with drama

Line up, my beauties
Identical pajamas
Under the splendor

Lure of bachata
Music twisting through the air
Sandals swing in time

Product of teamwork
Summer highlight, cake and friends
Impromptu dance class

Simply saturday
Spent reclining in the shade
Flipping through art books

Despite draught and rain
The choke of smog, gusts of wind
We grow to the sky

Composing our life
Magnificent molecules
Essential, water

So tantalizing
Saturated fats, sugar
Process your weight gain

The end of the day
Cozy in denim and kicks
Waiting for sunset

Etched on compact disc
A whole new world, adventure
New life reflections

Splendid happiness
On a ceramic platter
Great day arising

Tall frosted bottle
Glinting amber in the light
Perfect for summer

The sweetest people
On a strange new voyage, deep
Down to my stomach

The lights will lead you
Through the dark forests of time
To the beginning

After a long day
Tea and this dramatic face
Soothe it all away

Cracks on the ceiling
Ripples along the white walls
Block out the sunshine

Rainbow of color
Sliced swiftly with stainless steel
Prepare to saute!

Skip across the pan
Sizzle with barbecue sauce
Decorate my plate

You can’t feel the wind
I clipped you, took you inside
Away from your life

Oozing, pulsing wound
Torn asunder by pullups
Weak body, strong mind

Simple happiness
Woven in colorful threads
These are happy feet

An azure cocoon
Tasked with the impossible
Protect my precious