one year ago

And from the ashes
A resurrection begins
Can’t stop this heartbeat

Depression is weird
We all wear it differently
Spiraling alone

Working together
You can take this if you leave
But please don’t burn us

I’ll never trust you
Why are you asking me to?
You should know better

With the best people
Coloring, legos, and tag
So happy new year

Paralyzing fear
You wake up wrapped in your sheets
Dark, lost, and alone

Trapped inside my mind
Terrible thoughts of darkness
Help me let them out

Little pain pixies
Chipping away at my calm
Steel nails in my brain

I’ve run out of words
Although my heart remains full
Love spills out for you

I picture moments
The sweet sunlight on our hair
That never happened

Want you forever
Your fingers entwined in mine
Us walking in step

See with depression
All the glitter is swept up
You just hit the floor

Love is elusive
It ensnares you, trips you up
And still we chase it

I want you to know
All the pieces of my soul
They fall through my hands

Can you see I try
To keep up with you, to love
Puppy and sportscar

I see what I have
It’s not enough, I want you
I’m greedy, spoil me

I’m afraid of words
They hold such power, such depth
Even unspoken

I know what I want
Swimming while it rains with love
Afraid I’ll get it

I want to love you
But not be chained down by it
I’m not a caged bird

Reviving the heart
Shot of electricity
Zombie lovestory

Making these mistakes
This isn’t what I wanted
Where is my receipt?

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